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To Decant or Not to Decant ?

You may think about buying a decanter, a nice “carafe” or an aerator? But should you really decant or aerate every wines ? What are the benefits and the risks of this operation ? 

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Best Drinks To Buy Your Dad For Father’s Day

Forget Father’s Day presents like dull ties and cheap aftershaves. Both will die of boredom in a drawer ! If you want to celebrate your father, then reward him with some liquid happiness.  But again, forget the Baby Duck, Black Tower and Blue Nun and even the infamous “crème de menthe”… Tell him I love you with a corkscrew. Who […]

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Everything you need to know about rosé wine ! Please, don’t blush !

Let me get this straight. Any serious rosé wine is not a mixture of white wine and red wine. Nay! No, actually, it is first and foremost a wine made from red grapes. The winemaker has to start from a grape used to make red wine and to give it the freshness of a white wine. But then how does […]

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Where Do Bubbles Come From ?

The question often comes up : these small bubbles in the Champagne flute, is it there because gas is added or injected into a « still » wine ? Although this unorthodox « treatment » that could be called « Coca-Cola method » is practiced for some sparkling wines (we will avoid talking about them for that matter), the genuine beautiful bubbles actually come from a method a bit more complex and all-natural. Whether it is for Champagne, Spanish Cava, Prosecco or others, here is how this sparkling wines production works. Follow the guide!

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