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Vegan Wine 101

Always on the lookout for trends, some are interested in vegan wine. After the organic wine, the natural wine and the orange wine, more and more wines are appearing with a vegan logo on the label. But what does wine have to do with vegan products ?

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New Sustainable Wines to Give as a Gift to Your Eco-Friendly Friends

2018 saw the first certified sustainable report by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, illustrating the rise in popularity of sustainable products, even in the wine industry. This certification requires wineries to meet a whopping 58 requirements in the vineyard alone. Wineries from all over the world may soon follow suit and employ more sustainable practices, as studies show that Millenials consume quite a […]

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Wine Blending 101

When a wine is made from 100% of the same grape variety, it is called a single varietal wine, but when there are several varieties of grapes that are used for wine production, this is a blended wine. This technique is used around the world, from Bordeaux to Champagne and as far as Patagonia, Argentina and Australia. If we want […]

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The Great Dane and his Improbable Vineyard

When you think of the Sicilian vineyards, you can imagine these vines planted up to about 900 meters above sea level on the road that leads to Etna or in the landscapes of Montreale or even in those of the center of the island. Never would we imagine planting somewhere between the city of Catania and the beautiful Syracuse, and […]

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