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Profession : tonnelier… au Québec !

Dès qu’on entre dans son atelier, on sait que Pascal Plamondon aime le bois. Il ne fait pas juste le travailler, il le façonne, le respire et s’en inspire. Ébéniste de formation, il s’est lancé il y a quelques années dans la tonnellerie, un art plutôt rare au Canada et qui, de plus, ne fait pas recette auprès des vignerons […]

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How To Detect Wine Faults And What Can We Do ?

They are the worst enemies of our guilty pleasure! They are called oxidation, reduction, corked , wine, Brettanomyces and others. How do we identify those faults when our glass of wine smells funny or has a strange color? And what can be done ?  Follow the guide 

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Should We Serve White Wine Before Red Wine ?

« White on red won’t go to your head; red on white and you’re out for the night », says the popular saying.  This one seems to have been inspired by the Navy. « If the white flag is above, the sailors remain on board and nothing moves. But if the red is above, things might go crazy ! » So therefore we should we always drink white wine before red wine. But what about the reality?

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To Decant or Not to Decant ?

You may think about buying a decanter, a nice “carafe” or an aerator? But should you really decant or aerate every wines ? What are the benefits and the risks of this operation ? 

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