New Sustainable Wines to Give as a Gift to Your Eco-Friendly Friends

, New Sustainable Wines to Give as a Gift to Your Eco-Friendly Friends

2018 saw the first certified sustainable report by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, illustrating the rise in popularity of sustainable products, even in the wine industry. This certification requires wineries to meet a whopping 58 requirements in the vineyard alone. Wineries from all over the world may soon follow suit and employ more sustainable practices, as studies show that Millenials consume quite a lot of wine, but also want to support environmentally friendly production.

By Ali Middleton

For the wine loving, eco-conscious people in your life, new sustainable wine is great news- and a great gift. From recycled wine bottle decor to wine produced with a strict set of green standards, there’s something for everyone.

, New Sustainable Wines to Give as a Gift to Your Eco-Friendly Friends

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Recycled Glass for Packaging and Gifts

Perhaps the most obvious sustainable practice for wine production is the use of recycled glass in the packaging. The glass used for wine bottles is, in fact, 100% reusable without losing its integrity, yet up to 60% of the wine manufacturing industry’s carbon footprint comes from the production of the bottle. Many manufacturers have heard the outcry for a greener world, and responded by reducing the weight of their glass bottles to minimize packaging.

Other sectors have pitched in as well by incorporating the use of wine and liquor bottles to create recycled, yet new, items, which are perfect for home decor, functional glassware, and sharing sustainable presents with friends. Eco-conscious gifts are of particular interest, as gifting tends to produce more waste, with a 25% increase around the holidays. Recycling and repurposing of glass is just one means of creating sustainability, though.

Production Process with Renewable Energy

While reusing wine glass is a great way to help the green movement, what comes inside the wine bottle is an important matter too- and manufacturers are addressing it. Contributing to the overall sustainability of the product is the use of renewable energy sources in the production process. Partnerships with Tesla have lead to the installation of solar power for several wineries. In addition to powering the wine production, this model can also help offset the electricity needs for surrounding homes. Still, there’s even more that is being done to produce a sustainable wine.

, New Sustainable Wines to Give as a Gift to Your Eco-Friendly Friends

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Water Conservation Efforts

In addition to renewable energy, a big part of sustainability revolves around the conservation of water. With many areas all over the world suffering from a lack of this precious resource, it has become clear in recent years that clean water is a limited, not to mention expensive, commodity that should be used wisely. Some wine manufacturers put conservation efforts in place as early as 2008, and the trend has continued to spread.

Reports indicate the wineries with this initiative have reduced their water usage to produce a gallon of wine from 9.1 gallons to 3.9, which is great news for areas like California that suffer from long-running droughts. This conservation isn’t just beneficial for people, but the natural environments that are also dissipating as well. Together with conserving water, some wineries are also operating as a protected wildlife habitat, meaning that their estate provides water, food, and shelter for naturally occurring wildlife. This practice also employs the use of non-toxic methods of controlling pests that threaten crops, such as encouraging natural predators in the area in order to maintain a natural balance.

As can be seen, the wine industry is making efforts to contribute to the sustainability of the modern world while still producing delectable wine. This isn’t just good news for green wine lovers, but rather, a step in the right direction for the world.

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